2015 Competition Results

Alma, QC – May 1-3, 2015 Thirteen university student teams from across Canada competed in the Operational Phase of the 7th Unmanned Systems CanadaUAV Student Competition hosted by, Centre d’excellence des drones– CED Alma  QC.

Congratulations to VAMUdeS – Université de Sherbrooke for winning 1st Place on May 3, 2015.  Phase 1, the design paper, attracted 16 teams and 13 competed in Phase 2 this past weekend. We congratulate all participating teams for their ingenuity, dedication and their respective institutions for the support given to their endeavors.

The missionfor the competition was to addresschallenges commonly faced by the Oil and Gas, Mining and Agriculture industries. This year’s scenario was intended to be a new combination of three commercial challenges. Its format is designed to be an equal challenge for both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft.

The team has been contacted by a town where an oil leak from a train derailment has occurred. They are to use the UAV to overfly the area, evaluate the damage caused to nearby agricultural fields and infrastructure, to assess the magnitude of the clean-up effort and to record evidence for insurance purposes. Various symbols and small structures are set out in the flying zone to simulate the scenario. A written report on the findings is also submitted to the judges.

Phase 1: Design Phase Results:

1st  Place :  VAMUdeS – Université de Sherbrooke
2nd Place:  UTAT – University of Toronto
3rd Place:  Team Guardian – Simon Fraser University

Phase 2: Operational Phase Results:

1st  Place :  VAMUdeS – Université de Sherbrooke
2nd Place:   AERO – University of Victoria
3rd Place:   KISS – Université de Sherbrooke


For the first time the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) partnered with Unmanned Systems Canada to support innovation from the teams.  The prize for innovation was awarded to KISS – Université de Sherbrooke.  Cash  prizes were awardedfor Phase 1 & 2 and participation totaling $10,600.00 at the AwardsBanquet Sunday evening.

“This year, as in past years, the university teams came from all acrossCanada and arrivedat the competition site with incredible levelsof enthusiasm, technical capability and fellowship” said Robert Kendall, Executive Director of Unmanned Systems Canada.  “Over the course of three days, each team tested their respective designs, overcame technical and structural challenges to get the job done for their “customers”…. And the resultswere first class! My overallimpression is that innovation and solid engineering is alive and well in Canada!”

Of course such a competition only can be conducted through the hard work and dedication of a great team. We recognize and deeply thank our volunteer committee for theirhard work and the support of the Centre d’excellence des drones– CED Alma for another successful competition.

Special thanksgoes out to all of our sponsorsand our eventhost. The competition’s continued success is a direct result of their continued support: Northrop Grumman, Kongsberg Gallium, NovAtel, Lockheed Martin, Flyterra, Connect Tech Inc. AVIYA, Airware, NSERC, Southport, CAE, Forest Protection Limited (FPL), LGL Environmental, MicroPilot, Cloud Cap Technology, Xiphos Technologies, FPInnovations, CGQ, NGC Aerospace, Ag Business & Crop Inc. & UKKO, simactive  and Kopter.

 Participating Teams:

AERO                         University of Victoria, Aeronautical Engineering Research Organization
Blackbird                    Carleton University
Dronolab                     École de Technologie supérieure (ETS)
GUARDIAN                Simon Fraser University
KISS                           Université de Sherbrooke
MUN Robotics            Memorial University
Smart Bird                   Polytechnique Montréal
UAARG                       University of Alberta
UABee                         Concordia
UAS                             University ofBritish Columbia
UTAT                           University of Toronto, Aeronautics
VAMUdeS                   Université de Sherbrooke
WARG                         University of Waterloo Aerial Robotics Group
Withdrawn                  Université du Québec À Chicoutimi, Centennial College, Ryerson University

The Unmanned Aerial Systems Centre of Excellence (UAS CE) also named CED (or Centre d’excellence sur les drones in French) is an NPO established in June 2011 in Alma, QC. It is composed of private and institutional members (20) contributing to the centre’s development through an annual membership and by their implication in diverse services and projects offered by the UAS CE. Our services are offered nationally and internationally. The UAS CE support the industry in Canada and abroad while focusing on the development, testing of various systems for the safe integration of UAS in the Canadian Air Space.

Unmanned Systems Canada – Systèmes télécommandés Canada (USC-STC) is the not-for-profit association representing the interests of the Canadianunmanned systems sector- industry, academia,government, military, and other interested persons. It providesa single voice for advocacyand representation to government and international bodies,and jointly leads Canada’s regulatory development effortsfor UVS. The organization promotesand facilitates the growth of the Canadianunmanned vehicle systemscommunity through education, engagement of new market sectors,and exchange of ideas and technologies.

For more information or to obtainpictures for articlesin print or electronic format,please contact: 
Susan Chapman, Communications      1-613-614- 3724           [email protected]
Robert Kendall, Executive Director      1-613-526-5487            [email protected]

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