2020-2021 Student UAS Competition – Virtual April 30 – May 30

NOTE: DUE TO COVID -19, the 2021 UAS Competition will be conducted virtually.  

Teams representing 10  universities from across Canada are meeting  virtually for the 12th USC-STC Student UAS Competition  from April 30 to May 30 2021.  This years real life scenario challenges teams to transport medical supplies from a depot to remote communities in a simulated BVLOS exercise.  A first this year, teams have the option of using an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) to move the medical supplies to an area for drone pick up. The judges are hard at work evaluating the design papers identifying the technology and tactics in the teams plan to solve the problem.

We will hear some of the details in the “Company Pitch”  that starts the competition on Friday April 30 at 1900 EST.  All teams will have members present to view the presentations and answer questions The flying component will  run from 1 – 28 May with teams informing the committee 24 hours before they intend to fly. Following the completion of all tasks,  teams have 24 hours to send the written report on the findings and  to the judges.  Awards are presented May 30.  Prizes are awarded for the Design Papers, top competition scores and special prizes for Innovation, Perseverance.  The Judges Award goes to a team with a unique quality.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and support from past sponsors, each year the bar is raised to attract first class teams with innovative ideas. This world class event provides opportunities for the best and brightest to display leadership, real world problem solving and team work all in a stressful competitive environment; a real-life job interview. Results have paid off as a number of UAS competitors have been hired by a sponsoring company.  When tested on the international stage, our Canadian teams not only take home various awards, but consistently place at or near the top. Canada is on the UAS Podium! Sponsors and students will have the opportunity to connect during the competition. To become involved as a sponsor, and invest in these talented students, the future of the Canadian UAS sector, contact [email protected]

Check out the CONOPS document for scenario details, UV design specs, company pitch, and competition rules. For further information:   Check the the Student Competition Details page.