Student Competition 2016

2016 Student UAV Competition

Southport, MB – April 29 to May 1

The purpose of the competition is to promote and develop Canadian expertise and experience in unmanned systems technologies at the university and college levels. Even small scale unmanned vehicles are complex systems requiring a well planned and executed design approach.  In addition, safety considerations are important factors in this competition as in any other vehicle design project.  The students are faced with real life scenarios involving the environment, agriculture, mining, transportation, and oil & gas sectors.

The competition takes place in two phases:
Phase I – a design report from each team due January 15th 2016; and
Phase II – the operational flying demonstration, April 29th – May 1st 2016 in Southport MB, one hour west of Winnipeg.

Once registered, the team must successfully complete phase l – the design, then successfully fly their UAS confirmed in a qualifying video prior to competing in the phase ll. Teams will be graded on the quality and completeness of their design report and the results of the demonstrations – there will be separate prizes for each phase. The format of the competition is designed to be an equal challenge for both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft.


To be eligible, students must be registered in a full time program at a Canadian university or college. There can be more than one team per school, but each member may only belong to one team.  Participating teams are awarded a cash prize.


Competitions have been held in locations in the east, Quebec and Manitoba, with participation expanding from 3 to 16 teams representing universities and colleges from Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and BC.  To streamline the logistics and maximize participation from coast to coast, the competition host will alternate between the Centre d’exellence sur les drones (CED) and the City of Alma, Québec in 2015 and Southport, Manitoba in the alternate years.


To give the students real life UAS experience, the scenario for this competition combines problems encountered by the agriculture sector. Each team is a “company” hired to use their UAS to determine the health of a local farmer’s crops. They must identify the crops’ location, type and health and map them with an airborne sensor system. The farmer accepts the validity of using crop probes to measure soil conditions in specific locations to validate the aerial results obtained via the image system. Various symbols and small structures are set out in the flying zone to simulate the scenario.  A written report on the findings is also submitted to the judges.

Sponsorship opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities are available.  Contact [email protected] to become involved as we support and celebrate the best and brightest of the Canadian UVS sector.

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For online registartion: RegisterNow

Note: Registration fee is $200.00 per team. Registration may be made by cheque payable to Unmanned Systems Canada, PO Box 81055 Ottawa, ON, Canada, K1P 1B1 or by credit card. For credit card payments, please contact Chloé Moffatt, Event Coordinator at 418 482-0426 or at [email protected] Registration Deadline is October 23rd  2015.

Competition documents

Watch for documents to be posted in this space within the next few weeks.

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