USC’s Annual National UAV Student Competition – 2018

This is the 10th year of the Unmanned Systems Canada Student UAS Competition.

When: May 4-6th 2018

Where: Southport, Manitoba


This is a “made in Canada” Simulated BVLOS UAS Student Competition.

Each year, students are challenged to undertake a particular mission that requires the use of UAVs, as well as planning and research to engage and potentially win against a field of highly competitive competitors.

In this year’s scenario, Law Enforcement has been called to the scene of a suspected bike gang operation in a remote farm building.  They believe that the building contains several members, a large supply of drugs and weapons, and is defended.  Officers are reluctant to approach the house, which has no protected avenue of approach, without a good understanding of the threat.  Your UAS company has been called to support the operation.  You will be required to conduct surveillance of the property, to deliver a remote listening device to a location on the property based on results of the surveillance, and to search a large area adjacent to the property for vital pieces of evidence.