Western Drone Show

Frontier School Division and M3Aerial Productions have collaborated to organize a conference called “Western Drone Show” on May 3rd, 2019 at the Victoria Inn, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

WDS has invited a wide array of speakers including Transport Canada, NAVCAN, Unmanned Systems Canada and Brandon University, who will participate at several breakout sessions throughout the day that simultaneously bring UAV education, standards and industry together.

Seeing as how the event has a strong educational component, WDS invites teachers from across the provinces to attend along with industry experts and enthusiasts.

Matthew Johnson, President of M3Aerial Productions and Arif Kassum, Science Consultant with Frontier School Division, have developed a UAV Pilot Program at Frontier School Division for secondary teachers to become fully certified and flight trained. The program comprehensively incorporates drones safely and meaningfully into the classrooms whilst integrating them into current science curricula and other disciplines with a UAV Teaching Guide©.

This conference provides a professional opportunity for teachers, government personnel and industry experts to collaborate on properly introducing UAVs into the classroom safely, responsibly, and meaningfully.