Arctic UAV Expands Operations to Greenland

Arctic UAV Inc., an Iqaluit based aerial imaging provider using unmanned systems has recently signed an MOU agreement with Svend Hardenberg of Nuuk to expand their operations into the Greenland market.

Kirt Ejesiak- CEO of Arctic UAV Inc. says “We are honoured to partner with Hardenberg, a certified UAV pilot, in offering services to the Greenland market.”
Svend Hardenberg added: “I see huge opportunities in Greenland for Unmanned systems, I look forward to working with Arctic UAV in the Film, Resource, Wildlife and Government markets.”
Ejesiak also stated ““Expanding into Greenland is important for us, it shows that Inuit can work together across the north and offer world class products and services in our natural environment. We share common beliefs, culture and a strong entrepreneurial spirit’.
Arctic UAV Inc. was established in 2016 and is leading the UAS field in northern Canada. Its focus is to offer UAV services by locally trained UAV operators. Arctic UAV Inc. uses certified UAV Operators, is Transport Canada Licensed, fully Insured and is 100% Inuit owned.
For more info contact Kirt Ejesiak – (+1-867-222-2055 or [email protected]) or Svend Hardenberg –(+299 53 99 36  or [email protected]).

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