Autonomous Vehicles in Canada – A White Paper for the Federal Government

Preparing for Autonomous Vehicles in Canada.  Recommendations for enabling the introduction of autonomous vehicles in Canada have been put forward to the federal government by the Canadian Automated Vehicles Centre of Excellence (CAVCOE). Notably, the Ontario government has demonstrated clear leadership in its ambitions to embrace the potential of automated vehicles, announcing their support for trials commencing this year. Hundreds of Canadian companies are already engaged. The most recent announcements by GM of their $500M investment in Lyft and by Google and Ford announcing the creation of a joint venture to build self-driving cars underscore the rapid pace of development in this sector. The strong partnership between private sector stakeholders and governments have enabled the dramatic growth of the UAS sector in Canada. A similar close, persistent and energized effort will pave the road to success in implementing autonomous vehicles, a technology which promises to truly change the way we live.


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