Canada intends to post a draft RFP for the UAS for NASP project on within the next few months for Industry review.

Dear Industry Participants,

I am sending this notice to keep you updated on the status, anticipated future activity and timeframes of the subject noted project.

The project has extended the delivery timelines from March 2018 until March 2020 to accommodate the lead-time from the manufacture as one of the main concerns from Industry.  Currently the technical requirement is in the end stages of being finalized.  The Evaluation Plan is being updated to reflect the finalized technical requirement and further developed from what was previously shared with Industry last year.  Canada intends to post a draft RFP on within the next few months for Industry review before a solicitation is formally issued.    RFP review is not limited to the technical requirement and evaluation, and includes terms and conditions as well as procurement process and procedures to determine if improvements could be made that would enable suppliers from all countries to submit a proposal.

Canada will notify Industry Participants once the anticipated release date of a draft RFP has been determined.

Please be reminded that the Consultative Period remains open for engagement with potential suppliers until the official solicitation is released or otherwise notified.  During this period, please address all enquiries to me at the contact information in the signature below.

Thank you,

Lena Bootsma

Supply Specialist

Civilian Aircraft Division

Aerospace Equipment Program Directorate

Public Services and Procurement Canada

11 Laurier Street, Portage III, 8C1-45, Gatineau QC   K1A 0S5

Telephone:  873-469-3864

Facsimile:  819-997-0437



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