Membership and Sponsorship Matters!

Unmanned Systems Canada / Systèmes Télécommandés Canada (USC-STC) is a Canadian-registered not-for-profit association that represents all three sectors of the rapidly growing industry of air, land & marine-based unmanned vehicles. We are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors & Committees. Our work is supported by attracting delegates, sponsors & exhibitors to various events, membership dues… & sponsorships.

We recognize the importance of attracting – and rewarding – sponsors who support our association’s work. These three main sponsor streams  enable corporate leaders to support our advocacy and policy development work with regulators, our outreach and education campaigns, committee and project activities, and day-to-day operations:

  1. Association Sponsors  
    Corporate, Government, Institutional & Association partners who support the mission of USC-STC & its work to nurture industry growth.
  2. Unmanned Systems Event Sponsors
    Champions who ensure that our conferences, national Student Competitions & community outreach programs provide excellent value for participants.  
  3. USC-STC Committee & Project Sponsors
    Visionaries who understand that a strategic, collaborative approach & dedicated resources are required to move critical initiatives forward.

Sponsor Benefits

Corporate sponsors help us to strengthen the unmanned system / remotely-piloted vehicle industry across Canada. Sponsors receive various direct and indirect benefits:

  1. Marketing Support
    1. All logos & sponsor links will be added to our new  ‘Sponsor Recognition Page’ launching in December.  You’ll also be listed in a new section of our monthly newsletter, included in all industry ads we purchase, and mentioned or included on a slide in all USC-STC presentations.
    2. We’ll announce sponsor contributions through various communication channels every month, starting with our UC18Vancouver sponsor recognition campaign and social.
    3. We’ll begin co-authoring & requesting ‘Sponsor Feature Stories’ about YOU for our blog, social media posts & monthly issues of USC News.
  2. Exclusive Sponsor Perks
    1. Receive invitations to join USC-STC policy discussion groups. Shape a responsive regulatory framework that benefits all Canadians!
    2. First rights of refusal to buy additional, discounted advertorial space to supplement ads/feature stories USC-STC has negotiated in various online and print industry trade publications for 2019.
  3. Raise your profile as a leader who is driving industry growth
    1. Be recognized within a progressive community of allied businesses, non-profit organizations and government agencies
    2.  Show your commitment to increasing industry collaboration, sharing research and best practices, and attracting investment that leads to business and enterprise development
    3. Address your own marketing, recruitment and Corporate Social Responsibility mandates by supporting a national non-profit

More details about each Sponsorship Level will be posted in mid-December. So stay tuned, as those ‘donate’ buttons will be begging for some action! Please make sure you’ve signed up to get USC News 

Until December 31, 2018: All USC-STC members will receive 10% off any sponsorship package for 2019 Watch your email for the invitation then make sure you’re a member to maximize your sponsorship investment!  
JOIN OR RENEW YOUR USC-STC membership now!

Sponsorship directly supports our growing base of members & the broader ‘unmanned / remotely-piloted systems’ industry by enabling USC-STC to:

  • Deliver high-quality events such as conferences, networking sessions, educational/industry workshops, & student competitions
  • Promote the economic, social, educational & environmental benefits of aerial, ground & marine unmanned vehicle systems. 
  • Provide platforms to gather & share industry best practices, knowledge, funding announcements, research & member news
  • Support USC-STC Committees that liaise with other industry associations & government agencies to advocate for a responsive regulatory framework & drive strategic policy discussions    
  • Facilitate connections between entrepreneurs, emerging & established businesses, researchers, other associations, regulators & investors

USC-STC Sponsorship Categories

The graphic above shows three updated sponsor categories, and our new online contribution platform will enable donations/contributions at varying levels. Sponsors will be able to review then select one of our new sponsorship plans by mid-December 2018. 

2018 USC-UTC Sponsors*

*Please note that we are restructuring this section of our website to recognize the community champions who support our Association, Events and Committees/Projects. Watch for our video at the 16th Annual ‘National Unmanned Canada Conference and Trade Show’ #UC18Vancouver on October 30th, 2018.  We think you’ll like our new plan that will include:

  • Links to individual sponsor pages to recognize top-level contributors in each category (Association, Event and Committee/Project Sponsors)
  • Links to all sponsor profiles that will be added to our new national ‘Unmanned Systems Canada Industry Directory’ coming in early 2019.

Here are some of our key corporate champions from last year – thank you for your contributions to our national industry association!

2017 USC-STC Association Sponsors

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RME geomatics