Deadline for UAV NPA Comments is Rapidly Approaching – August 28th !

On May 28th the Hon. Minister Lisa Raitt announced Transport Canada’s Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) to the Civil Aviation Regulations concerning the operation of Unmanned Aircraft under 25 kg within Visual Line of Sight. The deadline for public comments on the UAV NPA is August 28th. This is your chance to have your voice heard, and interests represented.

How to Submit Comments:

Submit comments directly to Transport Canada via e-mail to: [email protected]

Comments should reference the CARAC reporting activity #2015-012 Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA): Unmanned Air Vehicles

Helpful Documents:

  1. The Notice of Proposed Amendment (on Transport Canada’s site)
  2. Unmanned Systems Canada’s alternate presentation of the NPA:
    1. This document attempts to present the NPA material with alternative formatting in order to better highlight the differences between the three proposed categories of UAV operations. It is hoped that it will serve as a starting point for understanding the full scope of the NPA.
    2. Additionally this document highlights the specific areas where Transport Canada has requested feedback
  3. Unmanned Systems Canada’s comments on the NPA:
    1. Four individuals from Unmanned Systems Canada developed this series of opinions regarding the Transport Canada NPA on UAVs. It is provided so that each individual can formulate and expand with their own opinions for easy submission to [email protected]
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