USC-STC Organizational Awards & Pip Rudkin Individual Achievement Award

USC-STC Organizational Awards & Pip Rudkin Individual Achievement Award

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Create Date September 23, 2017
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USC-STC Initiatives to Honour Unmanned Systems Community Champions

Every year, we ask the members of our national industry association to nominate community champions who deserve recognition for their work to advance Canada's unmanned vehicle sector.  Our Annual Achievement Awards are designed to celebrate the work of individual and organizational leaders in the aerial, ground and/or marine sectors of our industry. We encourage Unmanned Systems Canada / Systèmes Télécommandés Canada (USC-STC) members to nominate candidates, review nominee profiles, then choose a winner for these current Annual Award categories:

1. The Pip Rudkin Individual Achievement Award

Pip Rudkin was champion in the unmanned community who passed away in 2015.  He was a key member of Unmanned Systems Canada and its predecessor association for many years. He made many contributions to our national industry association that have helped to shape the national landscape. Above all, Pip was a visionary whose legacy can be felt through our vibrant and growing association.  He will always be remembered as a leader, colleague, mentor and friend to so many. Learn more about Pip Rudkin here

The Pip Rudkin Individual Achievement Award recognizes the spirit of Pip’s contributions to USC-STC in the recipient.

2. The USC-STC Organizational Award

This annual award honours outstanding contributions made by organizations who display vision, hard work and dedication to advance the unmanned systems sector. The USC-STC Organizational Award recognizes a group or organization for contributing to the remarkable growth and prominence of the industry. Nominees can include (but are not limited to) private companies, crown corporations, public companies, post-secondary institutions, other industry associations and non-profit organizations.

Member and Community Benefits of National Awards

These awards enable our association and our members to recognize many of the luminaries who shape our industry. After the member votes are counted, the winners are notified then honoured each year during the USC-STC Awards ceremony at the Annual National Unmanned Canada Conference and Trade Show.  If you're not currently a member of USC-STC, please consider joining today to support our non-profit association and our Committee members who are working to gather then share industry research and best practices, lead policy and advocacy work, enhance educational programs, host community-building events and conferences, and recognize industry innovators through annual Awards and USC News stories.

Learn more about our range of Member Benefits or simply click here to join or renew your USC-STC membership today!

To nominate candidates for USC-STC Awards

Any member in good standing with  USC-STC can nominate candidates for awards by emailing our Executive Director at [email protected] by the Award Application deadline.

We provide a USC-STC Awards Nomination Form (link on this page) for members to download, fill in, then save and send as an attachment with your email. If you require Word .doc format of the Form, please email [email protected] Nominations can also be made by downloading the Award Nomination Form (attached above) or simply including the following information in the body of your email message to [email protected] 

1. Provide basic contact information for both the nominator and nominee.
The name, address, phone number, and email address of the nominator and their candidate must be provided. It is recommended, but not required, to include links to online profiles provided by the nominees (such as their LinkedIn or company profile page).

2. Provide a brief introduction to their candidate (up to 500 words)
Celebrate your nominee's successes! Send us a brief explanation of why you're nominating a candidate to be recognized by USC-STC as a leader and champion in the unmanned vehicles sector.  Provide up to 500 words.  We will publish their profile information on an online voting page, share links to the voting page on social posts, and include links in USC News and emails inviting USC-STC Members to vote.

Nomination information must be emailed to our Executive Director at [email protected] by the Awards deadline.

Timeline for 2018 USC Awards

Nomination forms, email notices to USC-STC members and social media posts will begin mid-September 2018. 

To be eligible for a 2018 Award, nomination information must be received by October 1st, 2018.
Direct nomination emails to Ms. Glenn Martin, USC Executive Director at [email protected] with subject line 2018 Awards Nomination.

USC will post Nominee information online by October 3, 2018
The names of the candidates, the nominators, and the rationale for their nomination will be available on the USC website through an online voting page.

Online voting will be open to USC Members from October 3rd to October 15th, 2018
USC Members can review candidate profiles on the USC website then vote for nominees for the Pip Rudkin Individual Achievement Award and/or the USC Organizational Award. In case of a tie, the USC Board will make the final selection.

Winners will be announced at the 16th Annual Unmanned Canada Conference and Trade Show 
The Board of Directors will announce the winners at the national annual "Unmanned Canada Conference and Trade Show" during the awards ceremony.  Unmanned Canada 2018 will be held in Vancouver, BC from October 30th to November 1st.

Click here to learn more about #UC18Vancouver and this year's theme 'Innovating Canada - By Air, Land and Sea"

Please contact us if you'd like to create another Annual Award category! We'd love your support to recognize more individual and organizational innovators who are expanding the range of social, economic and environmental benefits that unmanned vehicles can provide to Canadians.

On behalf of the USC-STC Awards Committee and our Board of Directors, we look forward to your Award nominations and votes to select this year's winners. We hope to see many of you at #UC18Vancouver this October!

Thank you,

Glenn Martin, Executive Director
Unmanned Systems Canada (USC) / Systèmes Télécommandés Canada (STC)

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