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Dear Unmanned Systems Canada Member

As you may have noticed, our association is undergoing rapid growth and change.  Spurred on by growth in the Unmanned Vehicle Sector, we are working hard to update old systems, refine and improve our traditional offerings, and incorporate new and exciting ideas into our program.  To do this requires an engaged membership, a robust and highly motivated Board of Directors, and a solid group of volunteers and paid staff.

As the deadline for nominations for candidates for the upcoming election of Board Members nears (Sept 4th), I urge you to consider who might best represent your needs and desires in our association.  We need individuals who are driven, not afraid to roll up their sleeves to work on specific initiatives, and that are knowledgeable about the challenges our industry faces.  While we currently have a definite emphasis on unmanned aircraft systems, we also need representatives of the land and maritime sector to ensure we meet our long term goals and foster the collaborations we believe are possible.

Please give this some serious thought over the next few days, and send the names and contact details of your nominees, once you have ensured that they are willing to stand, to the USC-STC Executive Director. ([email protected])

Thank you for your help!


Stewart Baillie

Chairman, Unmanned Systems Canada

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