New USC Unmanned Ground Vehicle Contest Announced!

National Unmanned Ground Vehicle Student Competition Announced!

Unmanned Systems Canada is pleased to announce Canada’s first Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) Student Competition, modelled after our very successful and long-running Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Student Competition. As with our UAV Competition, this new UGV Competition will allow students at post-secondary institutions across Canada to develop a scale model of a fully-automated snow plow during the 2018-19 academic year …then bring their prototype to Ottawa for a face-off competition against other student teams.

Plans are underway to host the 2-day competition at the new Ottawa Automated Vehicles Test Facility over the weekend of May 25-26, 2019. USC is currently in discussions with Invest Ottawa, industry partners, and regional economic development groups to finalize competition details and logistics.

The Challenge

USC will develop and distribute a ‘ConOps’ challenge this fall for students to address during the the 2018-19 academic year. To enter our competition, teams will have to submit a technical paper outlining their qualifications, approach and UGV design for a prototype of a scale-model of a fully-automated snow plow. Approved applicants will then have to provide a ‘sales pitch presentation’ to the UGV Competition judges in Ottawa on May 25th (opening day), test their models, then deploy their vehicles in a face-off competition against other student teams on May 26th.

UAS Overview

A UAV-flyover video of the proposed Student Competition site can be seen here…

The Benefits of National Student Competitions

This innovative UGV project will provide students with valuable, real-life capstone projects, as well as a competitive scenario to apply their knowledge from various engineering and robotics sectors as they design, integrate and test new hardware and software.
Through participation on their project teams, students will also develop critical skills such as communications, planning and budgeting, teamwork and collaboration. They will also learn how to work under time pressure, manage limited resources and adapt to changing circumstances. Skills and expertise that will look great on their resumes!

Get involved in the Inaugural UGV Student Competition!

USC is looking for volunteers from our community of land, aerial and ground-based unmanned vehicle experts to help with all aspects of the competition. If you are interested in volunteering or sponsoring the event, please contact Barrie Kirk, our UGV Student Competition Project Manager,[email protected]

Updates coming soon!

We will publish more competition details this August – so keep an eye on your inbox. If you are currently on the USC’s mailing list, you will automatically get the UGV Competition updates. If you don’t receive USC News yet and want to keep informed about this initiative, subscribe to USC News here.

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