Nominate a Community Champion for a USC-STC Award!

USC-ST Members are invited to Nominate Individuals and Organization for Awards by September 30

Attention all USC-STC Members – Call for Awards Nominees is Open!
Each year, our organization recognizes community champions from across the aerial, land and marine vehicle sector with two awards and a presentation at our national annual conference and trade show.

One benefits of becoming USC-STC member is the opportunity to nominate candidates and then select winners for various awards. Please take a few moments to consider the people and organizations who contribute in a meaningful manner to the development of the unmanned systems sector in Canada – then nominate them today!

Awards Information

As the Annual National ‘Unmanned Canada’ Conference and Trade Show approaches, we look forward to recognizing individuals and organizations who have contributed to the development of the Canadian unmanned systems sector.

USC Members can nominate candidates by September 30 each year for two current USC-STC Award Categories:

  • Pip Rudkin Individual Achievement Award
    This USC Award is named in honour of a champion in the unmanned community, Pip Rudkin, who passed away in 2015.  Pip was a visionary who made many contributions to help launch the USC-STC association and shape our national landscape. He will always be remembered as a leader, colleague, mentor and friend to so many. 
    Learn more about Pip Rudkin here
  • USC-STC Annual Organizational Achievement Award
    This Award recognizes groups and organizations that best contribute to the growth and prominence of the industry.  

To nominate candidates

USC Award nominations are made each year by email and/or online forms available on the USC-STC website. 

The deadline to nominate community champions is September 30th
• Click here for a PDF version of the latest Award Nomination Form.
• Please email [email protected] if you prefer a Word .doc file of the form, or simply us with the answers to these sections of the form:

1. Nominator and candidate contact info.
Include your name, address, phone number, and email address and contact info for the candidate you are nominating.
2. A brief introduction to your candidate (up to 500 words)
Celebrate your nominee’s successes! You get 500 words to explain why your candidate is a leader and champion in the unmanned vehicles sector. USC will publish this info online through a voting page open to USC-STC members; we’ll also share links to the voting page on social posts and include links in emails inviting USC-STC Members to vote.
3. Email nominations to [email protected] 
Include the information above in the body of an email message or and the subject line: USC-STC Awards Nomination. Both .pdf or Word .doc formats of the Nomination Form will be accepted).

Emails must be sent by 11:59:59 PM EST on September 30 to the Awards Committee: [email protected]

Timeline for USC-STC Awards

Nominations close September 30 each year.

USC-STC Awards Committee reviews candidate nominations.

Award winners are notified within two weeks then announced at the Annual Unmanned Canada Conference and Trade Show Awards Ceremony each year.

Help USC to Support More Students & Community Champions

As Canada’s national non-profit association, USC is also seeking your help to expand our offering of Awards and Student Bursaries for community innovators, leaders and rising stars. Contact us if you’d like to demonstrate corporate or community leadership by:
• Donating to one of these Awards or our USC Student Paper Competition
• Launching a new USC Award, Bursary or Grant program

Email us at [email protected] to start a conversation today! 

We appreciate your effort to propose candidates and help to recognize the efforts of others who have made notable contributions to our industry. Please share opportunity in your own networks by forwarding this page, including the graphic in your own posts, and liking or sharing our social media campaigns on LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter. 

On behalf of Unmanned Systems Canada’s Board of Directors, our Awards Committee and the association’s members, sponsors and partners,


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