At Unmanned Systems Canada, we take the information of our members seriously and employ a number of actions to ensure that we only collect, gather, use and store the information required to provide your membership services.

  1. We only collect and store enough information to identify you as a member and to create our member directory.
  2. This includes your or your organizations name, address, contact information such as email and contact phone number. We also keep information about your membership start and end dates and our contacts with you.
  3. You provide permission to us to send you member information, newsletters, and other member related information via email when you join or renew your membership.
  4. We process all credit transactions through secure processors and do not retain, store or manage any sensitive credit or personal information other than that mentioned above.
  5. When we send you newletters, we provide an “unsubscribe” option that allows you to opt out of the newsletter subscription.
  6. Members can request changes to their membership information via email to [email protected]
  7. Any concerns, comments, inquiries or request for changes to personal information or newsletter preferences should be addressed via email to [email protected]