Review of Regulatory Issues in Transportation and Infrastructure by Treasury Board (hint – it covers UAS)

The Government of Canada, via Treasury Board, is looking for feedback on how regulations help or hinder industry and competitiveness in Canada. Treasury Board, in 2018, is looking at Transportation, including autonomous vehicles.

This is an opportunity to give feedback to Transport Canada on their regulatory processes and the impacts on the Unmanned Industry.

From the Canada Gazette, July 28, 2018…. (Original Page here)

Recognizing the importance of ensuring that regulatory frameworks remain effective and relevant, the Government of Canada announced in Budget 2018 that it would pursue a “regulatory reform agenda … to make the Canadian regulatory system more agile, transparent and responsive, so that businesses across the country can explore and act on new opportunities, resulting in benefits for all Canadians.

Budget 2018 allocated funding for targeted regulatory reviews in three initial key sectors:

1. agri-food and aquaculture;
2. health/bio-sciences; and
3. transportation and infrastructure, including emerging technologies such as autonomous vehicles. (italics ours)

Canada Gazette, July 2018, Regulatory modernization — Request for stakeholder comments

All stakeholders are invited to answer 3 questions…

  1. In your view, are there existing regulatory requirements or practices that impede economic development, competitiveness, or growth for your firm or sector? What are their impacts? How should the Government address these irritants?
  2. Are there existing or emerging technologies, processes, or products in your firm or sector facing barriers because of federal regulations? What changes or tools should the Government consider to facilitate the development, integration, or approval of these technologies, processes, or products for Canadians?
  3. Do you see opportunities for regulatory experimentation in your sector, and if so, what would this look like?

You can find more information at the link above.

The deadline is September 15th and submissions should go to:

Lindsay Wild
Director, Regulatory Reviews
Regulatory Affairs Sector
Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
Email: [email protected]

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