Sean Adams

Sean Adams is the CEO/President of 3 Points In Space Media Ltd. and is working to promote the importance of UAV technology, capabilities, and legalities.

Sean currently works with Mag Aerospace as the Aerial Operations Supervisor – Fire Division. He is responsible for operations of the air attack support aircraft for various ministries and agencies.

Sean has over 25 years of business management experience; growing, developing, and handling various large-scale automotive, nautical, and aerial operations. He is passionate about archaeological mapping and remote sensing; with a focus on the Maritime sites.

Sean is committed to the regulatory framework for UAV operations; namely, the importance of education and licensing within the industries. He aims for consistency, clarity and transparency to ensure that safety is a priority and innovation is constant.

He will ensure that students, members, and the public have a place where they can find accurate information for the ever-changing RPAS industry in Canada.

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