Transport Canada Announces NPA for Small UAV within Visual Line of Sight

At a round table meeting with industry stakeholders, the Honorable Lisa Raitt, Minister of Transport, announced a Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) of the Canadian Aviation Regulations that would focus on Small UAV (under 25 Kg) for visual line of sight operations.

Quick Facts

  • The current rules will remain in effect until the new regulations are approved by the Governor in
  • Council and published in Canada Gazette, Part II.
  • The proposed regulations apply to UAVs weighing 25 kg or less operated within visual line of sight.
  • Transport Canada intends to keep the Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) process for heavier UAVs and more complex operations.
  • Transport Canada issued 1,672 SFOCs for UAVs in 2014, up from 345 in 2012

Comments on the NPA will be accepted, in writing, until August 28, 2015 at the following email address: [email protected]

Transport Canada Press Release

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