UAS Competition: Students and Police

Student Unmanned Aircraft Systems Competition-  Students Summoned by Police

It is not unusual for students to have a run-in with the law, but these students are taking their best technology to be on side with the police. This year 14 university teams from across Canada have been summoned by the Manitoba RCMP to provide UAS support in a crime scene investigation. This 10th annual challenge is a “made in Canada” simulated beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) exercise. First time competitors from Queens University, will add excitement and new input to this.

UAS are currently used by law enforcement personnel for a variety of tasks such as traffic accident scene reconstruction, search and rescue, and crime scene and event monitoring.   Law enforcement has been called to the scene of a suspected drug dealing bike gang operation, believed to be armed and hiding in a remote farm building. Officers are reluctant to approach the house, which has no protected avenue of approach, without a good understanding of the threat.  Each UAS “company”  will be required to conduct surveillance of the property, to deliver a remote listening device to a location on the property based on results of the surveillance, and to search a large area adjacent to the property for vital pieces of evidence.

The competition is designed to attract both fixed and rotary wing UAS.  Will one platform have an advantage?  Will there be a unique solution?  Each year the bar is raised to attract first class teams with innovative ideas, thanks to the enthusiasm and support from past sponsors. This world class event provides opportunities for the best and brightest to display leadership, problem solving and team work all in a stressful competitive environment; a real-life job interview.  Results have paid off as a number of UAS competitors have been hired by a sponsoring company.  To become involved as a sponsor and to support and celebrate the future of the Canadian UAS sector, contact [email protected]

Once again Southport, Manitoba will open its doors to host the competition 4 – 6 May 2018.  This thriving community, one hour west of Winnipeg, features an airport, large hangar space and group accommodation that promotes late night discussions and collaborating on ideas.

The competition is designed and judged by a dedicated group of Unmanned Systems Canada experts, and supported by local volunteers and industry sponsors. Through various student activities, the association is helping to foster greater success in the future of Canadian UAS industry. Further details and sponsorship opportunities can be found at

Team and Sponsor list follows.

2018 UAS Competition Teams:

Carleton University – Blackbird

Concordia University – UAV

École de technologie supérieure – Dronolab

McGill – Aero McGill Drones

Queens University – Queens Aero Design Team

Ryerson University – RUAV

Sherbrooke – VAMUdeS

University of Alberta – UAARG

University of British Columbia – UBC UAS

University of Calgary – Schulich UAV

University of Toronto – AeRo

University of Toronto – UAV

University of Victoria – AERO

University of Waterloo – WARG

Competition details are at Students – UAS Competition.

For further information contact  [email protected].

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