The BVLOS cluster lead by USC and LOOKNorth is pleased to announce a Call for Proposals in support of Canadian SME efforts to demonstrate BVLOS capability.  Funding is being provided through the LOOKNorth Centre of Excellence technology validation program under four areas of interest:

  • Risk model development and integration
  • BVLOS trial risk assessment support
  • BVLOS validation
  • BVLOS commercialization support

Recognizing the different stages at which companies find themselves with respect to BVLOS advancement, the various areas of interest focus on specific aspects of the validation and commercialization process.  Companies are not limited to applying for a single area of interest.

The Call for Proposals is open to Canadian companies engaged in BVLOS demonstration efforts.  A key eligibility requirement is that successful proponents must have a valid SFOC supporting their proposed project.  Given this requirement, priority support will be given to successful recipients of projects under the Transport Canada BVLOS Concept of Operations call for proposals however this does not preclude applications from other companies.

It is recommended that interested companies contact USC or LOOKNorth with any questions prior to submitting a response at [email protected] and [email protected]


BVLOS Stream - Open Call for RFPs 439.20 KB 84 downloads




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