USC-STC Awards Honour Industry Champions

Every year, USC-STC asks association members to nominate community champions who deserve recognition for their work to advance Canada’s Unmanned and Remotely Piloted Vehicles Systems sector.

Our Annual Achievement Awards celebrate the work of individual and organizational leaders in the aerial, ground and/or marine sectors of our industry. We encourage all Unmanned Systems Canada / Systèmes Télécommandés Canada (USC-STC) members to nominate candidates, review nominee profiles, then choose a winner for these two Award categories:

1. The Pip Rudkin Individual Achievement Award

Pip Rudkin was a outstanding champion in the Unmanned community who sadly passed away in 2015. For almost two decades, he was a key member of USC-STC and other industry working groups, making significant contributions to our association and our industry. Pip’s work helped to shape Canada’s unmanned and remotely piloted vehicle systems landscape. Above all, Pip was a visionary whose legacy can be felt through our vibrant and growing association.  He will always be remembered by many people as a leader, colleague, mentor and friend. Learn more about Pip Rudkin here.

The Pip Rudkin Individual Achievement Award recognizes the spirit of Pip’s contributions to USC-STC in its recipients.

2. The USC-STC Organizational Award

This award honours outstanding contributions made by organizations who display vision, hard work and dedication to advance the unmanned and remotely piloted vehicle systems sector. The USC-STC Organizational Award recognizes groups and organizations that contribute to the remarkable growth and prominence of the industry. Nominees can include (but are not limited to) private companies, crown corporations, public companies, post-secondary institutions, other industry associations and non-profit organizations.

To nominate candidates for USC-STC Awards

  • Any USC-STC member in good standing with USC-STC can nominate candidates for Awards.
  • Nominations for Award candidates must be received by email at [email protected] by 11:59pm EST on September 30 each year. Please use the email subject line: USC-STC Awards Nomination 

View a PDF of the Awards Nomination Form, or if you would prefer a Word version of the Nomination Form, please email [email protected]  Fill in then attach a completed copy of your Nomination Form with an email addressed to [email protected] 

Or, simply provide the following information in the email body with the subject line: USC-STC Awards Nomination to [email protected].

  1. Provide basic contact information for both the nominator and nominee
    Please include your name, address, phone number, and email address as well as the candidate’s contact information. It is recommended, but not required, to include links to online profiles provided by the nominees (such as their LinkedIn page or company website/profile page).
  2. Provide a brief introduction to your candidate (up to 500 words)
    Celebrate your nominee’s successes! Send us a brief explanation of why you’re nominating a candidate to be recognized by USC-STC as a leader and champion in the unmanned vehicles sector.  Provide up to 500 words.

What Happens Next?

Nominations received by the September 30 deadline are reviewed by the USC-STC Awards Committee and Board of Directors. Winners are notified in mid-October, then an announcement is made during the Awards Ceremony at our Annual National Unmanned Canada Conference and Trade Show. Post-event, we’ll share the news on our website and social media.

 Previous Award Winners

First announced in 2005, USC-STC’s Organizational Award is given to an organization or group that has contributed to the growth of the unmanned and remotely piloted vehicle sector.  Past winners include:

  • 2005 General Dynamics Canada
  • 2006 CDL Systems
  • 2007 Transport Canada UAV Working Group
  • 2008 UVS International
  • 2009 Canadian Department of National Defence
  • 2010 NASA
  • 2011 MicroPilot
  • 2012 MDA
  • 2013 Clearpath Robotics
  • 2014 ING Robotic Aviation
  • 2015 Aeryon Labs
  • 2016 co-winners: The Centre d’excellence sur les drones (CED) en Ville d’Alma, QC and the Foremost Unmanned Aircraft Systems Test Range in Medicine Hat, Alberta
  • 2017 Kongsberg Geospatial
  • 2018 Canadian Automated Vehicles Centre of Excellence (CAVCOE)

USC-STC’s Individual Achievement Awards were introduced in 2007 to recognize an individual who has given their time to the advancement of the Canadian unmanned vehicle sector, and in particular, has dedicated themselves to the growth of our national industry association. In 2015, this Award was renamed to honour one of USC-STC’s earliest and strongest industry champions, Pip Rudkin. Past winners include: 

  • 2007 David Langlois
  • 2008 Ian Glenn
  • 2009 Stephen (Fig) Newton
  • 2010 Constable Marc Sharpe
  • 2011 Gerry Marsters
  • 2012 David Weiler 
  • 2013 Andrew Carryer
  • 2014 Eric Edwards
  • 2015 Sterling Cripps
  • 2016 Declan Sweeney
  • 2017 Karen Tarr
  • 2018 Pierre Pepin

Please contact us if you’d like to create another Annual Award category! We’d love your support to recognize more individual and organizational innovators who are expanding the range of social, economic and environmental benefits that unmanned vehicles can provide to Canadians.

On behalf of the USC-STC Awards Committee and our Board of Directors, we look forward to your Award nominations and votes to select this year’s winners. We hope to see many of you at #UC19Ottawa this October!

Thank you for participating in this process and helping to keep our organization strong and growing – and to recognize the efforts of others who have made notable contributions to our industry.


Your Board of Directors for Unmanned Systems Canada (USC) / Systèmes Télécommandés Canada (STC)